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Undergraduate Research

Our physics undergraduates earn course credit for working with a faculty members as part of their research team. Many of our undergraduates have published journal articles and have delivered conference presentations as a result of their efforts. This is especially beneficial to students considering technical careers and/or physics graduate school.

We require 2 credit hours of research for the B.S. degree, but students are strongly encouraged to do more than this minimum requirement. Additionally, B.A. students are also encouraged to do undergraduate research even though it is not required for catalog years 2012 and later. While there is no formal placement process, here’s a few tips to get started:

  • We recommend for students to pursue undergraduate research in their area of study after the completion of PHY 3101 Modern Physics and PHZ 3113 Math Methods. This ensures that students have exposure to all areas for potential research.
  • If you are interested in working within a certain research area, it’s recommended that you contact the faculty member(s) directly. Faculty contact information as well as research focus can be found here:
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) sponsored by the National Science Foundation as well as equivalent research experience outside of USF can be pursued in lieu of taking PHY 4910. For approval, please complete the Physics Undergraduate Research Course Substitution/Waiver Request.
  • If you are pursuing research within another academic department at USF, please submit the Physics Undergraduate Research Course Substitution/Waiver Request for approval.

For more information about undergraduate research, please contact Dr. Robert Criss (

Click here to download and complete the waiver