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Transfer Course Evaluation

Course Evaluations
The State of Florida follows a common course numbering system, so courses with the same number taken at any public Florida 2 or 4 year school are automatically deemed equivalent. For example, PHY 2048 taken at Florida State is automatically equivalent to PHY 2048 at USF. For courses taken outside the State of Florida, or at private in-state schools, please do the following:

Step 1: Create an e-mail to
In the subject line of the email, type Physics Course Evaluation.
In the body of the e-mail include all of the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your USF Student U#
  3. Name and state of each out-of-state or private school
  4. For each school, include a link to that school's online catalog information
  5. For each school, include a list of course names/numbers of the physics course(s) that you wish to have evaluated

Important! The provided link should list all of the Physics courses taught at the transfer institution, not just the course(s) you took. If the link you provided is to the schools's undergraduate catalog, then specify the page numbers where the necessary information can be found. For example, information about Physics courses taught at USF can be found starting on page 452 of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Step 2: Locate a copy of the syllabus for your transfer Physics course(s). If you do not still have a copy, you can contact your previous school and request one.

Note: Many international institutions do not have the equivalent of a course syllabus. International students without a course syllabus must attach the equivalent of a course syllabus, including: institutional requirements for credit/course, textbook utilized, list of topics covered, amount of time spent on each topic, etc.

Step 3: Scan your syllabus into a PDF file and attach it to the e-mail created in Step 1. Name the PDF file the same as the name of the course. For example, if you took PHY 2048 Calculus Based Physics I, please name the file “PHY 2048 Calculus Based Physics I”. Please scan all pages of the syllabus into one file. If you have more than one Physics course for review, please scan each syllabus as a separate file. If you have more than one syllabus, you may submit all syllabi in the same e-mail.

Step 4: Send the e-mail.
The process of course evaluation can take up to two weeks, and sometimes longer. Please be patient when waiting for a reply to your e-mail. However, if you have not received a response after four weeks, please send a follow up e-mail to If your transfer course is approved, the college will receive a copy of the approval and will update your record to reflect the results. This can take up to two weeks (after the evaluation has been completed) to appear in your DegreeWorks report.