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Application for Graduate Admission

Before filling out this form, you need to complete the university's on-line application process. See our Web site: Follow the first step at that Web site to pay the on-line application fee and to receive a U-number (required below).

First Name:   Middle Name: Last Name:
Email Address: U-number*:

* You will receive the U-number once you have paid the application fee. This number always begins with U, not with VZ. Your application cannot be processed without the U-number.

Most applicants seek admission to the Ph.D. program in applied physics. A prior master's degree is not a requirement.
Please select program:

Are you applying for a teaching assistantship or other Financial support from USF? Note that such support is not normally available for those applying only for the master's degree. If you are not seeking an assistantship, please attach a letter outlining your source of support. Examples could include an external fellowship, support from a foreign government, or plans to work full-time while taking one class a semester.

Were some or all courses were taken on the quarter/trimester calendar?

Please enter information on your upper-level physics and math courses and grades (include only courses above the levels of General Physics and Calculus). If your institution did not use the A-F scale, please enter your institution's grade and also convert your grades in the last column using A=exceeded expectations, B=met expectations, C=marginally passing but requires review, D=inadequate, F=failed. Leave blank any lines with pre-filled course names if inapplicable. If you have just one institution, you may fill the "institution" field just once.

Standard Courses

Course Title
Textbook Author(s)

Additional Courses

Use this form to enter additional courses. Press "Add Course" after each course entry.

Course Title:
Textbook Author(s):

Course List

Letters of Recommendation References

Please arrange for three signed letters of recommendation to be mailed directly to the department on official letterhead, and provide the names of your references here:


The General GRE is required, while the physics subject test is optional. Please enter your test scores here,
including the English-language test if required (see this link). You will also need (1) to attach unofficial copies
of your test scores to your application and (2) to arrange for official test scores to be sent to the university.

Date Taken (month/year)

Optional: if you have significant computer-programming experience, please describe it here (including computer languages and sizes and nature of largest completed project)

Attach Statement of Purpose

Click on 'browse' to upload files.

Attach Transcripts

Attach Unofficial Test Scores

Attach Additional Material