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Biophysics & Biomedical Physics

The faculty of the Biophysics & Biomedical Physics cluster in our department is engaged in a wide range of basic and applied research projects. Research interests include the molecular organization of collagen, lipid rafts in biological membranes, the formation of Alzheimer plaques, the role of cellular ion pumps in wound healing, carbon nanotubes as biological detectors, optical imaging of neuronal activity, three-dimensional imaging of intact tissues, motility of cancer cells, and the optical detection of pathogens in water. The theoretical and experimental tools we bring to bear on these problems include molecular dynamics simulations, atomic force microscopy, cellular impedance measurements, dynamic light scattering, confocal microscopy, spectroscopy, electrophysiology and optical holography. Please contact individual faculty members for more details about ongoing research projects.

NameContact InfoResearch
Chen, Wei - Professor
Office: ISA 6217
Phone: 813/974-5038
E-mail: wchen AT

Johnson, Dale - Professor Emeritus
Office: ISA 4212
Phone: 813/974-5125

Killinger, Dennis - Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Fellow of Optical Society of America
Office: ISA 4216
Phone: 813/974-3995
E-mail: killinge AT

Kim, Myung - Professor, Fellow of Optical Society of America
Office: ISA 6218
Phone: 813/974-5223
E-mail: mkkim AT

Matthews, Garrett - Associate Professor
Office: ISA 6215
Phone: 813/396-9329
E-mail: garrettm AT

Muschol, Martin - Associate Professor
Office: ISA 6216
Phone: 813/974-2564
E-mail: mmuschol AT

Pan, Jianjun - Assistant Professor
Office: ISA 4206
Phone: 813/974-2943
E-mail: panj AT

Pandit, Sagar - Associate Professor
Office: ISA 5102
Phone: 813/974-2781
E-mail: pandit AT

Rabson, David - Associate Professor and Chair of Physics Department
Office: ISA 5107
Phone: 813/974-1207
E-mail: davidra AT

Ullah, Ghanim - Associate Professor
Office: ISA 5108
Phone: 813/974-0698
E-mail: gullah AT