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Xiaomei  Jiang

Xiaomei Jiang

Xiaomei Jiang
Associate Professor


Office: ISA 4214
Phone: 813/974-7765
Lab: ISA 4070
Fax: 813/974-5813



Ph.D. physics, 2004, University of Utah


  • Organic electronic materials properties
  • Large area semitransparent solar module for building integrated photovoltaics
  • Micro-solar array for MEMS devices 
  • Colloidal quantum dots for photonic devices

Dr. Jiang joined the physics department at the University of South Florida in 2006. Her expertise area includes the photophysics of low dimensional, solution processable semiconductors such as conducting polymers and colloidal quantum dots, and related device physics of multi-layer heterojunction structures. Due to the lack of a rigid crystal structure, the properties of these ‘soft’ materials are ensemble of morphological arrangement and the degree of excitonic and electronic couplings in the thin film. Processing conditions such as the choice of solvent and film formation methods determine the structural order at nanometer scale and limit the intrinsic device physics. The extrinsic factors such as interfacial environment and device architectures are manipulators for optimal device performance. Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on a systematic investigation of correlation between excitonic properties of thin films and electronic responses of pertinent devices. Sample preparations include thin film formation and device fabrication. Technical approaches include optical study by linear (absorption, steady state and time-resolved photoluminescence) and various modulation (continuous wave photoinduced absorption, doping induced absorption &Electroabsorption) spectroscopies, and transport measurements using vertical (TOF, CELIV, SCLC, CV) and lateral (FET) device structures. Other research tools are available at NREC facilities: structural (x-ray diffraction), metrological (AFM, TEM and SEM) and dielectric (ellipsometry). Her group pioneered in spray-on large area semitransparent solar module and flexible micro-solar array.