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Wei  Chen

Wei Chen

Wei Chen


Office: ISA 6217
Phone: 813/974-5038
Lab: ISA 6061
Fax: 813/974-5813



Ph.D. physics, 1988, Temple University


Research Interests:

  • biophysics & biomedical physics
  • bioelectromagnetism
  • membrane proteins
  • wound healing
  • drug delivery
  • electrical injury

The Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Biophysics is a highly interdisciplinary research lab, involving physics, physiology, cell biology and molecular biology. The structural and functional relationship of membrane proteins, such as ion channels, membrane transporters, and electrogenic pump molecules, as well as their interfaces with an electromagnetic field are currently studied. One of the projects is to study direct energy transform from inorganic energy to the living system by electrically activating membrane electrogenic pump molecules, Na/K ATPases, as well as its application in wound healing. Other projects include understanding the underlying mechanisms involved in electrical injury and studying targeted and percutaneous drug delivery, The research program was initiated at the University of Chicago and has been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) since 1994, America Heart Association, Dermatology Association, University of Chicago and University of Illinois and etc. Our research is conducted and focused on cellular and molecular levels in nano-scales by using broad, state-of-arts techniques including whole cell/patch clamps, microscopic imagining using multiple-laser confocal microscope, near field microscope, full line of cellular and molecular biology techniques.

Honorary Professor of Tsinghua University, National Laboratory of Biomembrane
Main speaker at Gordon Conference of Bioelectrochemstry, July, 2002
Creating graduate biophysics courses in series: Biophysics I and II