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Sagar  Pandit

Sagar Pandit

Sagar Pandit
Associate Professor


Office: ISA 5102
Phone: 813/974-2781
Lab: ISA 5023
Fax: 813/974-5813



Ph.D. physics, 1999, University of Pune, Pune, India


  • Membrane biophysics
  • Complex systems
  • Dynamical systems
  • Computer science

Research Outline

Soft matter is an emerging discipline, which involves the study of complex systems such as polymers and surfactants. Our research interests are focused on biologically relevant soft matter, with special emphasis on heterogeneous lipid bilayer systems. We employ large-scale atomistic-level computer simulations along with simplified theoretical and  computational models.

Current research emphasis of our group is to investigate lipid biliayers consistng of raft-like lipid mixtures. "Rafts" are the domains in cell membranes that play crucial functional roles and predominantly consist of Sphingolipids and cholesterols. We have already identified a few specific interactions between lipids and  cholesterol that give rise to raft-like structures. Our lab is currently developing a self-consistant mean-field theory based multi-scale simulation method, which will be used to simulate the formation process of several cell membrane structures such as rafts and caveole.