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Nicholas  Djeu

Nicholas Djeu

Nicholas Djeu
Professor Emeritus, Fellow of Optical Society of America


Office: ISA 5108
Phone: 813/974-2121
Fax: 813/974-5813



Ph.D. physics, 1970, Cornell University


Research Interests:

  • laser & optical physics
  • laser physics
  • nonlinear optics
  • fiber optics

The Laser Physics and Single Crystal Fiber Growth Facility is equipped with a variety of cw and pulsed lasers including frequency-doubled Nd:YAG pumped Ti-sapphire laser, Ar+-pumped dye laser and frequency-stabilized ring dye laser to study non-linear optics and develop novel fiber-optic devices.  Recent research includes study of upconversion processes in rare earth doped laser crystals towards the development of infrared solid state lasers and the invention of a new type of thermal source with potential capabilities in the fabrication of micro-mechanical systems and surface modification on a microscopic scale.  This laboratory also uses the laser-heated pedestal growth method to grow rare earth doped crystals in small rod form for spectroscopic and energy transfer studies and optical crystalline material in long fiber form for fiber-optic applications.  In particular, techniques for growing high optical quality, high purity sapphire fibers have been developed.  Examples of potential applications for sapphire fibers include medical laser delivery and fiber-based sensors for hostile environments.  The facility has two growth stations, fabrication equipment, x-ray diffractometer, microinterferometer, and light sources and spectrometer for optical/spectral characterization.