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David  Rabson

David Rabson

David Rabson
Associate Professor


Office: ISA 5107
Phone: 813/974-1207
Lab: ISA 5032
Fax: 813/974-5813



Ph.D. physics, 1991, Cornell University


Research Interests:

  • solid state & materials physics; theoretical physics
  • theoretical solid state physics
  • materials science
  • statistical mechanics

The Condensed Matter Theory Research Group works in condensed matter theory, with currently-funded projects in mathematical crystallography and in modeling and statistical mechanics of magnetic heterostructures.  In collaboration with Dr. Benji Fisher (Boston College), the group has reformulated Fourier-space crystallography in the language of cohomology of groups and applied the results to a wider class of structures than previously considered.  Continuing work focuses on homological invariants of a new kind and their possible physical implications.  Magnetic tunnel junctions exhibit a large magnetoresistance that shows even greater promise for applications in reading magnetic media than current technology.  Recently, the group has modeled electrical and thermal transport in junctions and has proposed a simple, fast, and inexpensive quality-control protocol for diagnosing and locating defects.  Other current research at the nanometer scale includes a statistical-mechanical model of magnetic order in rare-earth heterostructures and a recent study of the ballistic-to-diffusive crossover in quantum wires.  The latter may have applications in quantum computing.