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Pritish Mukherjee

David A. Rabson

Chair's Page

Thank you for visiting the USF Physics Department Web page. As you continue on your virtual tour, we hope that you are excited by the curricular and research opportunities in physics and applied physics that form the core of our undergraduate and graduate programs.

As physicists, we intellectually strive to understand the fundamental principles underlying the physical universe and the applications of those principles to better the human condition. The growth areas of the future that will critically affect our national competitiveness on the global level and provide the engine for economic prosperity will undoubtedly revolve around improvements in the quality of human life. This includes advances in our understanding of physical well being, our ability to improve global communications and information transfer, and a better understanding of environmental issues. Advances in fundamental knowledge in these areas need to be coupled with their applications to realize ultimate benefits. In this regard, applied physics provides the bridge between theoretical, fundamental physical concepts and their practical, engineering applications. Our emphases on materials physics/condensed matter physics (both theory and experiment), biophysics/ biomedical physics, and AMO (atomic, molecular and optical) physics, are responsive to these needs.

As you tour our website, you will discover a rich array of undergraduate and graduate programs. For physics majors, our curricular offerings span undergraduate baccalaureate degrees (B.A. and B.S.) with the traditional general physics core, a variety of upper-level courses and applied electives, laboratory courses, and undergraduate research. There are minors in physics and biomedical physics to enhance the educational experience for non-physics majors. The astronomy minor is open to both majors and non-majors. We have a Ph.D. program in Applied Physics that is unique within the State of Florida. It offers an integrated curriculum incorporating interdisciplinary training in applied physics that overlaps our areas of emphasis, and includes an industrial practicum and research programs to prepare our students for the technological global workforce of this millennium. The industrial practicum is fully funded by an endowment from the Duckwall Foundation. Almost all our graduate students are funded by Teaching or Research Assistantships, which are supplemented by a variety of Fellowships including the University Graduate Fellowship, and the Departmental Tharp and Duckwall Fellowships.

The interdisciplinary characteristic of our programs is reflected in the expertise of our research faculty encompassing traditional physics, biophysics, chemical physics and related engineering disciplines. The Department prides itself on a burgeoning undergraduate and graduate student populations, and on increasing external research funding ten-fold over a ten-year period, while maintaining an atmosphere of close personal contact between faculty and students. This is fostered by active Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma student organizations, and a vibrant Physics Department Colloquium Series that brings distinguished visitors to our campus.

These are exhilarating times of growth, intellectual excitement, and unique learning opportunities in our Department. We hope you enjoy your virtual tour, visit us in person, and become a vital part of this team as we expand our horizons in applied physics.

David A. Rabson, Chair

ISA 2019, (813) 974-1207